5 Easy Ways on How to Get a Business Phone Number

Most people nowadays use website contact details to  get in touch with a Business.  They usually have email addresses and Business Phone Numbers plus other information like address details and contact names.

Why Do you Need the Number?

One reason might be that a company you deal with has changed its contact details since you last dealt with them.  They could have been taken over, moved, or simply gone out of business.  The details you have are out of date and you are having difficulty in contacting them.

If the number you have is a cell number, it could be different for a number of reasons.  One reason is that If a prepaid number is not used or recharged for a period of time, say six months, it is reclaimed by the cell company (“Churned”) and reissued to another client.

There are however, from time to time, darker reasons.

Throughout history, people have been scammed by organisations giving false contact details.  This has increased dramatically with the Internet and e-commerce.  Unscrupulous merchants create glossy websites, you buy their products, and receive poor service or often nothing at all.  The contact details on the website are false, and you have lost your money.  You have the business name and want to know if there is another phone number for it.

How do you find the Business Phone number of a Business? Here are five ways to help you.

Online Data Sources

  1. Online Registries

    Online Registries

    Most businesses want to be found and register or are registered in online business directories.  Yellow Pages, White Pages or the local equivalent are a good place to start.   There are usually other online business registries that can be used.

    If the company needs formal accreditation or registration, such as a pharmaceutical company, it is often possible to find the company and its contact details from the body providing the accreditation.

    Trade Associations often maintain membership lists with contact details, so it the company is a member of one, their contact details may be available from there.  Hopefully they are up to date.

    Another place to start is with company registration details.  All businesses need to be registered for tax and compliance purposes, and nowadays most registration details can be found online on a Government database.   Registration details will give you a registered address and contact details at the very least.

    Sometimes the registered address is not the head office or branch you want to find, but they can usually provide you with the  contact details you need.

    Carrying out an online search on the company name may turn up other potential sources. There may be blogs and customer response sites on Social Media applications like Facebook and LinkedIn that mention the company.  At the very least you may find a contact who can provide you with the necessary information.   

    If you suspect you have been scammed, a search highlighting other customer complaints can often confirm it.

  2. Websites and Social Media

    Websites and Social Media

    Most businesses have an online web presence.  Their web site usually has a contacts page.  The contact details will usually include the opportunity to send an email or contact a help desk, perhaps by online chat.  

    Their material, especially on Social Media often includes contact details, so you may be lucky and find a phone number.  If not, you will have a point of contact in the organisation who can help you.   

  3. Commercial Applications

    Commercial Applications

    There are several online services, PC and Smart device, that given a business name will find the business number for you.  They will be different applications in different countries, and some may be localised to a particular country or area only.  Some are free, and some need a “voluntary” donation or payment before revealing the number.

    They also can provide the reverse service, given a phone number, they will tell you who it belongs to. Be aware that their information might be incorrect or out-of-date.

Offline Sources

  1. Directory Enquiries

    Phone Directory

    Before the Internet, the ability to source a business phone number could be found from offline sources.

    All landline and most cellular service Telcos offer a Directory Enquiry service.  Given a company name and perhaps address, they will provide the business phone number.  This may be a free or charged service, and some numbers are ex-directory, though this is unlikely for a business.

  2. The Library


    The Library can be a Treasure Trove of information. It will have the hardcopy business directories, in some cases, back copies of newspapers and magazines, and often the staff themselves will be able to help you find the information.

If nothing else, most libraries now provide online access that you can use to carry out online searches.

Finding a business phone number is not difficult.  It is in the interests of most reputable businesses to make themselves contactable.  However, It can be a tedious and ultimately unsuccessful process for some, probably less reputable concerns.