Voice over IP (“VoIP”) is rapidly becoming the de facto communications infrastructure for most organisations, large and small.   Areas that are covered include the pros and cons of Hosted VoIP, the applicability and usability of SIP trunks, and discussions and reviews of hardware such as handsets.

The objective of this site is to provide information on the latest trends, tips, and insights in VoIP by hosting a blog and a resource directory.  We also provide a catalogue of the leading VoIP vendors.

The blog provides a platform for industry leaders and strategists to investigate, discuss and refine their views on the current state of the art in VoIP.  Equally, those new to VoIP can come to us to learn and to plan their organisation’s future computing infrastructure.  The VoIP arena is constantly changing and existing and new users need to be aware of the current state of the art.

To complement the interactive nature of the blog, the resource directory contains downloadable PDF documents and video assistance from the main VoIP vendors listed in the catalogue.

We challenge our community to look at VoIP from all viewpoints.  We will welcome and value your contributions to discussions.  In addition, we need articles and blog postings from a wide range of authors.  If you are an expert or a neophyte and would like to contribute, please contact our editors.  We appreciate and value your input.