Five helpful VoIP guides for your Business

Five helpful VoIP guides for your Business

Thanks to digital convergence, Voice over IP (“VoIP”) business systems are commonplace in businesses worldwide. Most major Telcos, networking companies and many third-party suppliers provide VoIP for Business systems and services as part of their hardware and software repertoire.

As usual, you need to be careful before committing money and resources to a particular VoIP for Business solution by making sure you understand exactly what you want.    You need to consider the functions required of your VoIP solution and set them out in a wish-list.  Knowing your budget is also essential.  You can use these criteria to measure solutions and see how closely they meet your needs.

Separating the wheat from the chaff and choosing the best supplier for your business is not easy.  A common way is to use an Internet search engine to see what is available, or perhaps ask business associates what they use, and how good the solution is.    If you have already installed a digital solution, then you may need to look at a guide to see how you can improve the quality of service you receive and other features and function that you could consider.    It’s also useful to keep up with trends in technology.

There are many guides to choosing and thereafter operating and managing your VoIP for Business system available from the Internet.   Some are slanted towards a specific supplier, and some frankly don’t provide much by way of assistance.   You need to be careful out there.   Remember to use your function list to assess a potential solution.

Here are 5 Internet sites that provide guides that will provide help and guidance.   They tend to be a similar, probably because the subject matter is similar, and come in a variety of styles, from business to the funky.   Choose the one that you find most closely reflects your needs, and beware of hidden (or not so hidden) sales messages.

Remember also that the VoIP environment is a very fast-moving environment.  Technical innovations and regulatory changes mean that some sites may not be fully up to date with recent developments.   Use more than one site.

  1. VoIP Basics Guide from OnSip Visit Site

    VoIP Guide

    Billed as a “Comprehensive Guide for VoIP Beginners”, it takes the reader through the technical basis of VoIP and the consequent advantages of migrating to a digital solution.  An excellent introduction for those new to digital telephony.   As you would expect, their website does major on the products and services provided by OnSip. 

    The downloadable guide to VoIP is a good place to start understanding the benefits of a VoIP for Business system, and what you will need to make it work effectively in your organisation.

  2. VoIP Articles and Guides Visit Site

    VoIP Guide

    This website provides links to a wide range of articles covering most aspects of VoIP, including technical, business and equipment.   The needs of specific business sectors receive attention, so if you are for example in the call-centre business, there are articles specifically for you.

    Particularly useful guides are those that help you consider the desktop phone features you need, and a second that discusses the needs of a mobile user.

    One particularly useful guide for small business is the “Complete VoIP guide for Small Business”.

  3. A Guide to VoIP Phone Systems Visit Site

    VoIP Guide

    This site again provides a downloadable guide to VoIP and how to choose a VoIP system at the above link.  A section of the website, “Buyers Guides” contains a comprehensive range of helpful downloadable guides to technical and non-technical aspects of the VoIP environment for both the intending purchaser and existing users.

    The site is slanted towards their service offerings as you would expect, but the guides are useful and relatively free of obvious sales material.

  4. VoIP Requirements Visit Site

    VoIP Guide

    If you are in the process of selecting a VoIP for Business system, this is an excellent site to help you prepare your wish list.   It sets out some technical and non-technical issues that you need to consider when thinking of migrating to a VoIP system.  Links to other sites are also included.

    The technical guide section doesn’t seem to have been updated since 2015, which detracts somewhat from its usefulness.

  5. Everything you need to know about VoIP Visit Site

    VoIP Guide

    This site is very similar to number 4 above, and is aimed at VoIP for Business.  Again, as you might expect it tends to concentrate more on their own products rather than general advice.  

    The VoIP Guides section in particular provides guides to assist with the process of understanding VoIP in different business environments.

The process of introducing VoIP to a business and managing and operating it thereafter will have a decisive influence on a company.  If it is true that people form their impression of a company with their first encounter with it, then having the correct VoIP system is fundamental to the success of an organisation.   These guides will help.

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