How to Secure Your VoIP Calls Using VoIP Encryption

Voice over IP (“VoIP”) has become an attractive option for individuals and organisations to leverage cost savings from their networks.  By transferring from the PSTN landline environment to an environment based on your network and an Internet connection, you can make toll-free local, national and even international calls. However, moving to an Internet-based service has a sting in the tail, that of increased security risks.Continue reading

Fixed VoIP and Non-Fixed VoIP: Know the difference

VoIP has become commonplace in the commercial and personal world in recent times.   Businesses, large and small, have taken to VoIP because of the cost and business benefits it brings.   Simply put, it avoids the costs associated with PSTN connections by routing communications over the Internet.  This allows VoIP service providers to bundle in other features such as free or low-cost long-distance and international calls.

In addition to providing on-premises VoIP calls, the digital format of VoIP provides connectivity for WiFi-enabled smart devices such as smartphones and tablets.  Remote and home working have increased significantly because of the Covid epidemic, and VoIP over public and private WiFi networks and VPN connections are rapidly becoming the norm.Continue reading

Different type of VoIP services you need to know

Different type of VoIP services you need to know

The scope of VoIP Services has grown dramatically since they first appeared some years ago.  In size they are available from the Big Iron on-site replacements for the PABX to the small desktop-based software VoIP systems and in location from onsite to hosted.   In a similar way, the VoIP services offered have matured and grown in scope and applicability.

If we start with the assumption that VoIP is an essential for modern businesses of all sizes, then the question becomes what VoIP Services should a business consider.  What different types of VoIP services are there?

In essence, there are three types of VoIP Service: In-house, hosted and hybrid.Continue reading